Saturday, August 13, 2011

Show some Love!

OK Fans of CMA, we're working hard on our quest to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in NH, but we need some love!

How can you show your love for our project? Good question.
Here are the easy ways. Do you see that little Facebook box on the right of your screen? You do? Great click the little box that says "Like" As we approach publishers, the more followers we have the better!

We write and write and write and share loads of pictures and stories, if you enjoy a picture or story or something strikes you, leave us a comment, let us know you're out there. If you haven't read our published stories check them out on our home site

Another great way to support our quest is to tell your friends about us, we need as many people as possible to be following this adventure. This will help us get a book deal (our real goal) and some advertisers.

Speaking of advertisers, if you or someone you know wants to advertise on our websites have them contact us and we'll make a good deal. We can barter for ad space, like Salmon Patrol Charters did, or we could take some money. Hey, we've got mortgages to pay and kids to feed!

Anyway, let us know your out there and share some love with your old friends Dave and Clay!

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