Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hunt for Mr. Stripy- The Banded Sunfish

We were contacted by one of our fans, Ken Potter of Portsmouth; he wanted to fish with us for his birthday present. Imagine that...we're someone's birthday present! Well Happy Birthday Ken!

Ken really wanted to be deputized into the quest so it was decided that we would hunt for the banded sunfish. After some research and discussions with NH Fish and Game we narrowed the fishing spots down to a few bodies of water in the seacoast region.

Before heading out we met with Peter Tilton, owner of the Defiant Lobster company, which not only sells lobster and clams but is an excellent bait shop. Peter recommended we fish the Hampton Ice Pond. His advice, fish in the weeds, small hooks and watch out for the little horned pout!

So that's what we did! The pond was absolutely beautiful!
Ken fishing in the weeds

The fishing was terrific
Ken and his pumpkinseed

Ken and Bluegill

The Golden Shiners here were huge

Brown Bullheads attacking mid-day!

we must've caught 30 of these little bullheads

We thought we had stripy here but the forked tail is a give away!

Ken spent a good deal of the day unhooking little cats

Little Bluegill

We caught dozens of fish.

But Mr. Stripy eluded us, if you've caught a banded sunfish, drop us a line and let us know what you did. But we haven't given up. Mr. Stripy you will be ours, oh yes you will!

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  1. I know this is old, but I'm trying to catch bandeds of my own in MA, and was wondering what bait you were using. Earthworms? (I do have a tiny hook and pole, but wasn't sure about bait)