Monday, August 1, 2011

#26 redbreast sunfish

The Merrimack River is a place of surprises. At first look it is an urban river full of junk, with a sketchy history of pollution.
One of the zillions of floating disks that were washed out of the Hooksett wastewater treatment plant this spring,
But swimming in the Merrimack is a dazzling fish that would be at home in any tropical fish aquarium. It is the redbreast sunfish and #26 on our quest.

We caught it on a small piece of worm, but really these little aggressive fish will strike anything that will fit in their mouths.
 The red fins and blue lines on the face make this fish look more like a fashion accessory than a Merrimack River swimmer.
They smell good too.
 Redbreast sunfish are river dwellers, much more so than pumpkinseeds or banded sunfish.
Look at that long dark "ear" flap.  

Sunfish just make us happy!

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