Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Man Groves of the Sea: Fish #30 Lake Trout

We were invited by Salmon Patrol Charters to go for fish number 30, the Lake Trout.
This would be our first time having an actual fishing guide take us out. And it was awesome!

Clay's dad, Bob Groves, came for the adventure and was deputized into the quest.

We met Jay and Gary at 4:45 am in Gilford on  lake Winnipesaukee and came with enough coffee to get us through the morning.After a brief introduction we set out.

By 5:15 we had our first fish, we let the old man try to land it, he is used to fishing for king salmon with no barbs on the hooks, so he reeled as fast as he could and quickly lost the fish. Clay tried his luck with the next fish and lost that too. We were starting to feel like amateurs!

An hour later, after losing 3 more fish, we landed our first fish of the day, a land locked Atlantic Salmon. Since we've already eaten this species it was quickly released.
This Salmon had a serious speech impediment

Jay and Old Man Groves with their Rainbow

Old man Groves had another fish on and it wasn't a Salmon, we were getting excited! But bummer it was an 18inch rainbow trout, what a disappointment!

8:15 we finally got into the Lakers, now in NH they need to be 18inches long to keep them, so we caught about 8 of them before Old man Groves caught the keeper and got deputized into our quest.
The Quest fish with his new friend

These fish are eating machines

A big thank you to Salmon Patrol Charters (NH Guide Services) for taking us out, these guys are terrific and know a lot about how to have a good time while fishing. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a guide.

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