Monday, December 31, 2012

Last chance fishing for 2012... Thin Ice Happy New Year

We haven't been fishing much in the last few weeks, but some cold weather has gotten us excited about fishing.
So this morning we headed to Pequawket Pond in Conway at 6:30 this morning.
We had everything ready, jigging poles, ice shanty, bait, portable ice shanty and underwater camera.
We were ready!
It's always a little scary to be the first one on the ice

Our friend Chris Proulx from White Mountains TV came along for the fun.

As you will remember last December we blogged about ice safety, so we took our own advice.
Clay walked out on the ice and drilled a hole every four feet.

First he had to dig through a foot of snow, then 4 inches of slush and finally he was able to drill into the ice. Just two turns of the auger and he was through the ice, a quick measure and the ice was only 3 inches thick.

So a few more steps and the same. So by 6:35 our fishing adventure was over, maybe in a day or two the ice will be ready... stay tuned.

Happy New Year!