Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We've struck gold with lucky 13 the Golden Shiner

While fishing in the Lakes Region for lots of other fish we hit the jack pot with this little one -  the smallest of our quest so far: the Golden Shiner.

These little fish are also known as Arkansas Shiners and are one of the most common bait fish in the state.
 We caught this using a very tiny hook and a very tiny piece of worm. It only took a few seconds and setting the hook launched the fish into the stratosphere!

We decided to cook this fish whole, so we coated it in Zatarain's Fish-Fri and fried it head scales and all.

We debated a bit to see who would eat the head. To settle it, Clay flipped a coin and Dave suffered the results:  Heads - Dave ate the head, tails (you get the picture).  The coin went up and landed - sealing Dave's fate for a shiner brains snack.

We both crunched into the fish and were pleasantly surprised. The crispy morsel was perhaps the best thing we've eaten so far. We had not trouble imagining a bucket of these little fish with some dipping sauce and a cold beer. Maybe we're onto the next big thing! (Golden Shiner Coral?)  Try this fish, you'll be so pleased you did!


  1. Good to see people appreciating small fish! If you guys come by some more micro-fish we would for sure be interested in hearing about it and the recipes that work. Keep up the good work!

    An angling community for small fish:

  2. Thanks Bryce, we have a ton of tiny fish on our list. You'll see them all here as we get them. Lots of dace, sculpins and a few more minnows to come. I hope they all taste this good.