Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The big cats hunt at night, Fish #10 Brown Bullhead

We headed out on Saturday night with our guest angler Jake Moore, the deal was he'd bring the beer and we'd help him catch his first Horned Pout.
Yeah we said Horned Pout, that is one of the many common names for our quarry, other names include:
Brown Catfish, Catfish, Common Bullhead, Common Catfish, Marbled Bullhead, Minister, Mudcat, Northern Speckled Bullhead, Red Cat, Speckled Bullhead and recently we heard someone call this fish a Chucklhead...
We fish in Pequawket pond behind a Laundromat in Conway, the nice thing about fishing for cats is it really doesn't matter where you fish, these seem to be everywhere.
Jake was very excited so he had to send a text to his wife!

The technique was simple, we baited  a long shaft hook with a large night crawler and added some weight to keep it on the bottom. Bullheads feed in really shallow water at night so we cast out about six feet and were fishing in about six inches of water.
Weight Check 1lb even! That's big for NH

We had time to sit down and crack open a PBR (Jake's choice not ours) and before the first swallow we had this fish on.

A 1lb Brown Bullhead, it was really an ugly fish but we had to eat it anyway.
You've got something on your lip...

NH Has two species of Bullhead, Yellow and Brown, the easiest way to recognize the difference is to look at their barbels, (whiskers) Yellow Bullheads have light colored barbels and browns have, you guessed it, brown.


  1. Nice fish! Of course the (little known) reason you hooked one right away is because catfish can't resist PBR. I hope you gave him a slug before eating him, it's good karma.

  2. We should have shown more respect, we did let him suck on the worm for a bit before we ate him, so that's at lease something.