Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we're gonna getcha Sucker! Fish number 11 the White Sucker

We headed to Meredith falls at the Mills Falls Market Place to spear our newest fish. The White Sucker

This has to be the easiest fishing one can do, in fact it was a lot easier than we thought.

The technique is simple, find spawning suckers and stab them with a spear. Once we found the fish this proved to be really simple.

Now Clay is a MAN!!!!!!

We were tempted to get more than one given the simplicity of this, but we would have felt bad killing a fish for no reason. So we curbed the urge and cooked the fish instead.

We cut off a couple nice fillets from this fish and added some breading and fried it in olive oil.

There are three different filet's here, the ones with the red stripe are Suckers.

The fillets looked really good and we were looking forward to eating this. We greedily took a big bite and were immediately disappointed. The taste was fair but the texture was very mushy and soft. We heard these are much better in a chowder or soup, so when we catch the long-nosed sucker we will have to give that a try.

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  1. This post brings back itchy memories for me. As a kid (age 11 or so)I was helping my dad work on a construction project at the church in Mirror Lake NH (just north of Wolfeboro). A stream next to it leads from Mirror lake to Winnipesaukee and it was chock full of suckers spawning. Seeing me fishing unsuccessfully, one of the gentleman in charge told me I'd never catch them that way and brought me a spear just like the one you used. After spearing two fish and experiencing the intense vibration in the spear, I didn't have the stomach to continue. After being told they weren't very good eats, I gave them to two other boys fishing who brought them home to be used as fertilizer in their Mom's garden. This, I was told, was common practice. Anyway, little did I know, the whole time I was trying to catch these, I was traipsing through poison ivy. I swelled up like a balloon and was literally immobilized for a week and a half. Karma? Maybe. But I learned who the real sucker was. Be careful out there.