Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunny days... Fish number 14 Pumpkinseed

While targeting other species, one can't help but catch these pretty little sunfish. We were only too happy to reel in this little kibby and cross fish 14 off the list.

A lot of people don't appreciate these fish, but they are voracious carnivores and fight as good as any fish their size.

 Almost every fishing technique can be used for these, but we recommend that you fish like an 8 year old if you want to target them. In fact we think you should use a bent willow branch, with a five foot piece of string tied to it and a bent safety pin. Dig your own worm and sight fish for these. Super simple and fun.

We had to eat this Pumpkin seed, so we did, the recipe was simple. After cleaning the fish, we cut the meat from the bones, rolled it in a fish fry batter and fried. It was delicious! They don't call these panfish for nothing.

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