Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fish #12 White Perch

Clay scores Fish number 12!

On a hot tip from AJ's Bait and Tackle, we encountered some spawning white perch in Salmon Meadow Cove near Center Harbor. After a bit of fishing, Clay caught one on a rubber crank bait. The fish were very full of eggs and milt.

It was a  very pudgy white perch

When we first saw the cove, we thought something was wrong. We must have saw a dozen perch in different stages of death. Most were floating and spinning out of control on the surface.  Some clearly had passed on to that big lake in the sky.  We asked a NH Fish and Game biologist about it and he said that they only see this kind of fish kill in Winnipesaukee.  They don't know why some of the fish are in such distress, but his best guess is that the act of spawning simply is too much for them (what a way to go).

Fish #12: White Perch
Stay tuned for the next blog post when we eat this fish

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