Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We opened our big mouth and caught Fish Number 23, Largemouth Bass

We headed down to the Taylor River to fish for Largemouth Bass! Fish number 23...

The adventure started with a different watershed, the headwaters of the Winnicutt River to catch bait.

We went looking for golden shiners in a little pool on the side of the road. Microfishing is the key using 2 - 4lb line, size 20 hooks and bits of worm. In a short time we had four, more than enough!

Then it was on to the Taylor River, which is impounded between Hampton and Hampton Falls. This weedy area was considered by the state to be restored to a tidal river about a year ago. The shoreline residents pushed back on the proposed dam removal and the project was stopped. It would have been better for the environment and migratory fish if the dam were removed, but in a selfish way we are glad the freshwater stayed because it grows some nice largemouths.

A happy Clay with fish #23. 

Clay compares mouth size.

We fished from a little bridge on the Taylor floating live shiners under a bobber, in a very short time Clay had his first fish on. A nice 1.5lb largemouth. Not a lunker but considering we have to eat this thing it was big enough.
Dave does his best pirate impression - really not that good. 

A few minutes later Dave followed by catching and releasing a nice 3lb Largemouth. (Stay Tuned for a video)

We ate the bass right away making a recipe called, Blackened Black Bass, stay tuned for the culinary report.

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  1. What happened to the beard? I didn't recognize Clay