Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to cook a Sea Lamprey!

We made our first webisode, let us know what you think!
Is webisode a word?


  1. Great to see the slime removal in moving pictures. So how long to blanch? At one point you said 3 seconds and another you said 30 seconds, or is it just when they turn white? Your assistant appears to have everything under control too. Any dipping sauce you would recommend for this dish? Nice job all. Hope to see more vids.

  2. You are correct I did say 3 then 30, the real answer is throw them in the water until the slime hardens, less than 30 seconds... It turns a white/grey color. We think this would be good with buffalo sauce or ranch dressing, but we had it as is just for effect. We will work on more vids thanks for the feedback.

  3. Just found this website, and for the first time I see someone cook see lamprey in the states. This fish has been my favorite since I remember myself. In my country (Latvia-by the Baltic Sea), it is being served only smoked with all the insides (eggs/caviar??), and I cannot express how delicious it is.
    Where can I actually buy it in the states to cook at home, or does anyone know a restaurant that serves this fish.

  4. Hey Natalija
    Glad you liked this, you are correct in this country nobody really eats them, the only way we know to get them is to collect them on the rocks during the spring migration. I heard once that there are some places near the great lakes that serve lamprey...
    Let us know if find any...Maybe next year we'll try smoking one