Friday, July 8, 2011

Lake Chub Chowder!

We wanted to get more creative with our cooking so we invented this new dish.
Lake Chub Chowder. Here is how to make it.

1 Lake Chub, 2.5 inches long
1 baby carrot
a little bit of celery
Sweet Corn

Heat a small cast iron skillet and melt a little butter in it. Chop the carrots and celery and saute' them in the butter until they are tender and remove from the heat.

 Allow the pan to cool.
 Now heat the pan to medium and melt a couple table spoons of butter, add the carrots and celery.

Chop the chub in half heads and tails, and drop them into the butter. Let that cool for a minute.

 Pour in half a cup of milk and a handful of sweet corn. Cook on med/low until the milk is reduced by about half DO NOT ALLOW THE MILK TO BOIL Serve hot.

This makes almost one serving and is hands down the best fish we've eaten on this quest.

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