Monday, September 24, 2012

NH Fish and Games's Hunting and Fishing Expo

On September 22, we spent the day at the Expo. We fully intended on walking around, interviewing other vendors and chatting up people, but we were so busy talking about ourselves that it never happened.

On our table under the big tent, we had hats for sale.
We sold exactly one hat!

A tip-up give away.

Nobody wanted to challenge us in Stump the fish nerds.
But we had a line all day of kids wanting to play
  Make us eat a Minnow
For this game we had a tank of golden shiners on our table, a couple of ice fishing rods with line and #22 hooks.

you can see a little pink powerbait if you look carefully

Kids had one minute to catch a minnow, if they got one, we ate one!
This also makes a great executive fish pond, put it on your desk and fish while you write reports

got one!

Big time fish action!
Clay had to eat one!

One of our facebook fans showed up to play!

Dave's turn to eat one!

Everyone had a blast! Luckily we only had to eat 3 minnows the entire day.
No we didn't eat them raw, Clay had pre-cooked a few the night before.

If you're interested here is how to cook a golden shiner.
Get yourself a handful of golden shiners, I got these from a super clean trout pond in the white mountains

Clean and gut, we used scissors

Mix flour a little garlic, pepper and salt and add the fish

they are starting to look like food!

Heat a skillet with a little oil in it.

Drop in your fish, these were so fresh they jumped around in the oil

when they are brown and crispy, turn them over

Serve hot with your favorite fish dip.

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