Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Search of the Longnose in Milan

Our friend Jake invited us to spend some time in the Androscogin Watershed in search of long nose suckers.. He was after trout, but that just seems too easy to us.

 So we checked in with Fish and Game and they told us about a spot that they shocked several dozen up so we headed out. Hopes high as always

 We fished this beautiful little brook, that was screaming "Fish Live Here" and we saw no sign of life.

 So we decided to float down the Andro and drag some lines on the bottom, there had to be a pile of longnose Suckers somewhere.
Jake found a pile of tiny yellow perch

 These weren't the fish we were looking for, so we kept floating.
Baby Smallie...

Still not the fish we're looking for
Finally Jake got into some game fish action... with this monster Large Mouth

When we hooked this monster fallfish on the bottom, we thought we had our Sucker, but we were snubbed, but this fallfish was a great way to end the morning. We just love these beautiful fish and love that these minnows fight with the same energy that any trout will fight with. So we kissed it goodbye and vowed to come back in the spring and get a longnose during the spawn.


  1. Love it guys, rough fish are definitely more interesting than game fish, although I enjoy catching all fish. Please check out my blog... I have a few fallfish stories myself:)

    1. Thanks Nolan, we are fish nerds, like you... your blog is great we'll share it on our facebook page