Friday, September 7, 2012

A 9 Species Day!

We got together on the Merrimack River to hunt tesselated darters.
Dave loves the spot near the Airport in Manchester so we started there.
Merrimack River

We grabbed our kayaks and paddled downstream to hunt the shallows. We saw pods of carp and caught a tiny sunfish as well as a margined madtom.
Red Breast Sunfish?

If I had a nickel for every...

Margined Madtom

While those fish are loads of fun, but they weren't the ones we were hunting.

So we headed to Merrimack to fish Baboosic Brook at Twin Bridge Park.
fish were everywhere

that's not a fish

This brook was loaded with all kinds of fish, we could see them everywhere we went.
common shiner

blacknose dace



white sucker

two white suckers

2# test and a number 22 hook!


All in all it was a great day and this brook was fantastic. We plan on returning to this spot with our kids sometime to fish. Rarely do we find a honey hole a sweet as this.

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