Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th Northern Pike fish number 35.5!

This was our sixth time targeting Northern Pike...

 Brandon Zeoli who, a NH Trophy Angler,  invited us to come to his super secret pike spot on the CT river and we jumped at the chance.

On the way to the River we stopped into AJ's Bait and Tackle in Meredith for a little advice, Alan's advice, buy bigger bait, use 12" steal leaders and a 1/0 hook. So we gave Alan some more money and he gave us a nice pile of suckers about 8inches long! Big Bait-Big Fish
When Clay arrived on the ice Brandon and his friend Randy from Maryland were already on the ice fishing and the holes were already drilled! We love it when things are easy!

As soon as Clay said hello, Brandon had a flag! Fish on! A few seconds later an 18 inch Northern Pike was on the ice. The keeper size of these fish is 28" so we took some pics and let it go
We changed the background to keep the secret spot secret!

Clay couldn't wait to get his bait in the water, so he hooked a large sucker behind the head and started lowering the line down. As soon as the sucker hit the water a large fish swam past the hole and sucked down the sucker! Fish on! Clay set the hook so hard the fish came right up out of the water and onto the ice!
fishing with buffalo?

No we weren't fishing at the beach...

We thought we had our fish, so we took some pictures and scrounged up a tap measure...25 inches, three inches too short. We're calling it a success and fish number 35.5, but we still need to catch a keeper so we can see what these trophies taste like. Once we do we can call it 36 so half a success anyway!


  1. congrats to you..and the backround priceless...

  2. Hey сongratulations One of the most unique and the best ideas ever. I am so glad to know this.

  3. Thanks for the support! Hopefully this Thursday we'll get out Pike!

  4. was a great day glad you were at least able to get your 1st one some times that is the hardest one to get :) good luck inthe furture you'll get one .