Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Epic Pike Failure, and people still want to fish with us!

We headed back to the Connecticut River to hunt Northern Pike again. This was our 9th trip after this trophy.
As you can tell from our title, we failed again.
This is from our last pike outing. a 25 inch failure!

I met with Stephanie from Canaan in Hanover, faithful fans will remember her from our failed Halloween Pirate Pike Adventure. She was looking for more abuse from this animal.

We got on the ice at 2pm, drilled some holes, and fished.

The rig was simple, a 1/0 hook, attached to a 12" wire leader and attached to a tip up. We hooked a live 8inch white sucker behind the head and let it swim free under the ice.

Stephanie wanted to mix things up so she used a few golden shiners. She may have been the smart one here, she did catch the only fish of the day. But it was not a pike, it was a nice yellow perch.
Abi the wonder dog was planning on eating that perch

We put our time in waiting for a bite, and despite a hit and run flaaag and Stephanie hooking a pike while jigging and failing to land it. Nothing really happened.
We were hoping to see more of this!

So as the sun set, we packed up and hiked back to the car, our heads hung low and we drove home.

The next shot at Pike will be Jericho Lake, Berlin. Word has it that you can keep one that is 20". So we'll give it a shot.

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