Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clayfest on Ice!

We headed to one of our favorite little ponds in Conway.
Pequawket Pond!
Abi the Wonder Dog waits for her fish

This is a great place for bringing kids fishing because the fishing is fast and furious!
Since it was Clayfest, I (Clay) decided to take my family with us for the day.
Grady lands the first fish of the day

Zoe releases her fish

So Zoe invited her friends Grady and Max and we fished our hearts out.
Well the kids fished for ten minutes, they each caught a fish and then played hid and seek around the portable shanty. So the grown ups got to do some fishing. We caught more than 30 fish in a couple hours and had a great time!

Max wants to make a hole

Kiss the fish!

When ice fishing with kids, bring lots to do and extra help.
Mumsy Nelson (My mother-in-law) My wife were there to help out.


Grady loves dogs!

Max clearing the hole

The cold doesn't keep Sammy from eating her dog!

We brought a grill and cooked hot dogs and made hot cocoa. It was a great day!


  1. I might enjoy ice fishing if it came with hot dogs and cocoa. You guys must have had an absolute blast!!! Great day out!!!

  2. Thank !I really love to read this post

  3. Thanks for the comments! We always have a great time!