Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Wire has written a nice tribute to us! Thanks!

Catch-m-all is fishtastic

The Wire

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Here is an excerpt  

"Catch-M-All is an example of Everything That Is Good In Life, the exact opposite of corporate cat litter. Every other week, when we receive Dave Kellam and Clay Groves’ latest column chronicling their quest to catch and eat every species of fish in New Hampshire, my spirits lift because I know I’ll get to spend the next 10 minutes giggling. Not only do they hunt down each fish one at a time, but then they scheme up ways to eat them. It’s great writing, great humor, a great idea and wholly questionable fishing, it’s educational and completely ridiculous, it’s inspirational and weird and utterly unique."
Yes, that’s right.
Dave and Clay, thanks for bringing us the joy of fish.
This tribute was written by Dave Karlotski, with fond memories of Andy Rooney

We love being called the opposite of corporate cat litter! Thanks Dave Karlotski and thanks to the Wire for the Support of the Last Year! 

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