Thursday, December 22, 2011

we put the ice in Solstice!

We headed out today to one of our favorire unnamed ponds in hopes of icing a few fish.
The weather was perfect, 45 degrees and breezy and the ice looked solid.
We gathered our gear and took a step onto the ice and made a hole. So far so good, we had almost 4 inches of ice.

We took another step and the ice cracked and shuttered under our feet, so we made another hole. Still almost 4 inches, this pattern went on for almost ten holes and we finally got to the part of the pond we wanted to fish.

We jigged a tiny glow in the dark jig topped with a piece of worm, but the fish weren't interested. And the ice was still shaky. Even though our brains told us we were safe on that ice our instincts would not allow us to relax and fish, so we got off the ice in a short time.

We remembered that we had a minnow trap sunk into that pond so we chipped that out before we took off.
So no fish were iced, but we did walk on water so that's gotta be good for something! Until next time

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