Saturday, December 31, 2011

Late year Carp fishing!

We headed out yesterday with fellow anglers and bloggers, Nick and Todd.
Nick writes the Southern New England Outdoor and Nature Site and Todd writes the blog Trout Undiscovered. Both blogs are terrific and worth following, Todd and Nick are very knowledgeable anglers.
Wow now that's a good looking group of anglers!

Nick is an avid carp angler and showed us great technique called the method for catching these shy fish.

We decided to head to Bow NH to fish the warm waters of PSNH's coal burning power plant.
We found this nifty duck blind

The paddle from the boat launch was an easy half mile upstream and the warm water was obvious. You could see the contrast in water color and temperature.

So we slowly entered the warmer water and Todd spotted a large carp immediately and our spirits were lifted.

We tied off the to the shore and steadied out canoes, baited our area and cast out. This is where the wait began...
Dave casted out a worm on a jig pretty early on and caught a little small mouth bass.

Four hours later and several moves later we were still waiting. Earlier in the day when we saw the first carp we remarked that it was surprising how few anglers target these fish.

After sitting in a cold canoe for that time we now had a better understanding of why people don't fish for them. Hopefully when we finally catch one we'll be as addicted to carp fishing as Nick... maybe we should try fishing for them on a warm day!
Despite not catching our target fish, we had a great time and can't wait to fish with these guys again. We laughed and told fishing stories all day long. A big thanks for the company, because alone this would have really sucked!

We haven't given up and will make another few attempts this winter.


  1. You know, even though no carp were caught and Dave caught the only fish, it was still theraputic.

  2. We had a great time, Clay and his Uncle Ronnie are going back Monday for more abuse! We'll keep you posted!