Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maple Glazed Atlantic Salmon

We tapped our own maple trees this year and bottled four gallons of maple syrup so it seemed appropriate to cook our fish with this fresh made seasonal treat.

Maple season actually comes at a very convenient time.  The ice starts to get unsafe for fishing and as lakes thaw out they fishing stinks, so what are we to do while waiting for the fishing to get better? You got it...make syrup.

Just tap your trees collect the sap and boil it down until you have syrup. It's that simple. 

You know salmon season is about to begin when the sap stops flowing.  Syrup done?  Time to fish!

This salmon was cooked very simply, first we cleaned the fish and washed it.

it's a girl!

we discussed eating the eggs...

We then cut it into steaks, probably the easiest way to cook salmon.

Heat a skillet with some oil and drop the steaks in.

Let them cook for a little while and then poor some syrup on and turn them over and do the same on the other side.

The results Maple Glazed Salmon Steaks!

Now we had so much fish here Clay took it home to feed his family. The recipe he made was one his dad suggested.

Maple Honey Barbecued Salmon.

Another super easy recipe.

 For this one you need to fillet the fish and sprinkle the fillets with Cayenne pepper.

Turn the grill on and let it get hot.
While the grill is heating make your sauce.

Just mix cheap barbecue sauce with maple syrup and honey and your done.
Now spray the grill with non-stick spray and throw the fillets on skin side down.

look closely for the parasite
 While they are cooking baste them with the sauce, cook them until the worms come out....
What worms? Yeah some fish have worms, but cooking kills them off...Don't tell your wife or the people you are feeding about the worms!

Once the fish is cooked mostly through turn it over and pull the skin off.

 Now baste the other side with your sauce and cook until the fish is flaky and serve!



  1. Wow, I can almost taste that maple glaze through my monitor (now I have to get the Windex to clean it off). I bet that was great. So, what recipe did you use for those fish eggs that made them turn green? Also, (and I don't mean to offend, but,) someone please put a wire brush to that grille!

  2. Thanks Eric
    It was pretty good, the eggs are a secret recipe...shhh
    That grill is perfectly seasoned a wire brush would ruin it, plus it probably wouldn't hold together if we cleaned it! Thanks for the comment!