Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nofish Hotspot In the Bellamy

Tried the Bellamy Reservior in Madbury to see if the chain pickerel had warmed up enough to chase a plug. There was still ice is some places.

Looking north of Rt. 9

We saw a small flock of tree swallows go by and there was a large flock of gulls on the iceflow by the island.

Many, many, many gulls.

 Used a shiny 4 inch Bomber, figuring the bright sunlight would create a nice flash.
Seemed like a good lure for predatory pickerel.

We did not catch a chain pickerel, but got into some nice Northern Spring Nofish.

Dave with a Northern Spring Nofish

Along the road we were surprised by the amount of garbage that was on the shore and in the water. It is enough to bring a tear to a Native American eye.

We should organize a Catch-M-All clean up here.

We stopped by Taylor's Trading Post in Madbury and got a good tip on a fishing spot in the Merrimack River. We'll report if the tip pans out.


  1. A catch-m-all clean up day...i would gladly participate in that.

  2. Are you sure that's garbage? Could it have been the rare land locked bottle nose Cuttlefish just camouflaging itself? I hear they taste April fresh.

  3. April Fresh indeed! They are tough to fillet though.

  4. I feel for you guys, still having some ice up there. Fishing down here is still a little inconsistant, but the water is warming into the 50's. I'm gonna set up a cleaning day at a couple of my favorite spots on Earth Day with my son. Good luck your next time out

  5. We'll start traveling with trashbags and cleaning the spots we fish...more importantly soon we'll start catching fish! Stay tuned and thanks for commenting, Glad things are picking up a little south, that means good fishing will soon be here.