Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gearing down for small fish fishing

The quest will include some really small (3-4") fish in New Hampshire, including darters, dace, and sculpins. To catch these we need to gear down.

We bought a packet of size 32 hooks, the smallest hooks currently in production. Now time to catch dace!

This is our business card for the quest.  Can you find the hook?


  1. What kind of line, weight and other gear do you use to catch these appetizers? I envision a long strand of someone's hair for the line, a pebble for a wight and a coffee filter for a net?

  2. I think we will be inventing some techniques. We can use 8x tippet (1.5 lb) line and probably superglue to figure out weight and knots. Once it warms up, we will go after the little guys.