Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is in the air, so why does it feel like fall? Fish Number 7, Fallfish!

We headed out this morning to Pequawket Pond in Conway with lots of kids in tow, hunting for whatever was biting.

We were fishing in about 20 feet of water jigging with glow in the dark jigs tipped with little pieces of worms. We hit a pile of perch early on and were having a great time getting fish on the ice.
When the most exciting fish of our quest came out of the water!

Fish Number 7!  The Fallfish, Semotilus corporalis

To most anglers this fish is just bait or forage, people don't generally eat this big minnow but rules are rules. In fact Wikipedia describes this fish as tasting like feces! It doesn't really say that but that's what some say...

The NH record is 3 lbs. 8.96 oz! Luckily for us this fish was a lot smaller than that.

Our first  non-game species, I wonder what it's gonna taste like...

Looks Delicious!

Listen close, you can hear this fallfish croak!

Check back later for a recipe for this minnow!


  1. I made the thing up about wikipedia. Wikipedia just says it tastes bad. I added the feces. The only thing worse than trusting wikipedia is trusting someone quoting wikipedia. Especially if it's me. However, Burt Reynolds is famous for saying "Fallfish taste so bad that I would rather drive cross country in a Cannon Ball Run race with a gassy Dom Delouis in the passenger seat than eat one of them nasty minnows." That's accurate. I saw it on Facebook.

  2. Hey, great blog Guys! Congratulations on #7. So how did little poopy fish taste?

  3. Thanks Eric! We'll be eating the fallfish tomorrow and will report back, watch for a fallfishcake recipe!