Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Without Peril ~ The Surprising Danger of the Quest

Fishing for and eating every species of Freshwater fish is not free from dangers.

We need to worry about all kinds of things on this adventure.
Falling through the ice, falling on the ice, falling into cold water, hypothermia, stings from margined madtoms,
 stings from our wives, fish bites, but the thing we most need to be aware of is MERCURY POISONING!

That's right, even in this beautiful state with it's clean clear waters we need to careful of this heavy metal.

Luckily we are brave enough to endure this danger, and we're paying attention to portions...

NH Fish and Game recommends that adults and children age 7 and older CAN SAFELY EAT four 8-ounce meals per month of freshwater fish.

Stocked trout are not loaded with mercury, and mercury aggregates in fish as they age so larger fish have a larger percentage of mercury in them than do small fish. This works out well for us because we rarely catch big fish!

We will be well under that for most of this quest and should be safe, so please don't worry about us!

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