Monday, December 19, 2016

FN Podcast 134 The Business of Guiding, Tim Moore Outdoors, Twin Maple Outdoors & Hill Country Guides

Welcome to the Fish Nerds It’s a celebration of fish, fishing, and eating fish that is always interesting, usually funny, and mostly true. Nate Hill of Hill Country Guide Service I’m Clay, We talk about fish, fishing and eating fish! Anything is fair game and it’s a good bet, that waiting for winter will make me want to change hobbies to something else that’s boring to wait for, like watching food cook in a crock-pot or watching grass grow. This is the third part of our series of becoming a fishing guide, we are going to chat about the business side of guiding. This series is sponsored by NH outdoor learning center, This is where I went to guide school. There is no chance I would have passed NH’s guide exam without going to guide school. Scott Jackson will teach you everything you need to know to Pass NH’s rigorous oral boards, he also will make sure you are an expert outdoorsman. Nate, what do you think about the NH guide exam? I interviewed Tim Moore, from Richard Yvonne from and asked them how does one make a living at guiding. But since I have Nate right here with me, I am going to ask him that first, Nate, How do you make a living as a guide? What is your business model? I am still working on mine, my business is starting off part-time while I wait to generate some revenue and grow it. In an upcoming show I will tell you about the hidden expenses of running a guide service. This show is funded by YOU OUR listeners, and we need more support, so if you have a few extra bucks a month, like 4 bucks, head over to and throw a dollar an episode into the hat. That money goes directly to paying to keep this show on the internet. We honestly cannot do this show without listener support. If you donate at the $5 a show level you will be sent a super warm fleece lined fish nerds beanie! Also a big fat thanks to our newest Patreon Supporters, Michael Steffen Akihito Dan Michael crooker Michael Frank Reed Sutter Clay So that is it. you have listen to a few of Fish Nerds when you could have been fishing,: Nate We’d like to thank our families for supporting us while we podcast, go on fishing Quests and do all sorts of silly things that nerds do. If you would like to support Fish Nerds you can go to and search for Fish Nerds and help us crowd fund this podcast! Clay: Special thanks to Tim Moore Richard Yvonne and of course Nate Hill Nate:: And until next time, follow the code of the Fish Nerd: Spawn early and often; Clay: Avoid free lunches with strings attached; Nate: swim against the current every chance you get.

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