Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fish Nerds Podcast 132 Becoming a Guide Part 2 Guiding Mistakes

Welcome to the Fish Nerds, it’s a celebration of Fish Fishing and Eating fish I’m Clay Groves, Licensed NH Fishing Guide Today’s episode is sponsored by the NH Outdoor Learning Center http://www.nhoutdoorlearning.com/ this is where I went to gudie school. Scott Jackson runs a great program that will teach you everything you need to know to pass the NH Guide Test... I doubt I could have passed the test without taking the course. This is the second part in our series on becoming a fishing guide. As I was traveling around meeting guides, I was struck by how competent and confident they all are. The only way to gain that level of confidence is by making mistakes. So I begged the question, what do you consider a bad day with clients. I’ve collected three stories or you, FIrst Up, we have Tim Moore, Tim Moore is a licensed NH guide and one of the hardest working guys I know. For more information on Tim head to www.timmooreoutdoors.com I caught up with Tim at a coffee shop in Portsmouth NH Next up, Captain Shawn Tibbetts, Captain shawn runs a tune/shark charter out of Saco MAine. Shawn has taught me a ton about fishing for sharks, cussing like a sailor and kissing other guys... I don’t want to talk about that! You can find the good captain at www.mainetunafishing.com We recorded this segment on top of a Mountain in North Conway NH Twin Maple Outdoors.com Richard Yvone owner of Twin Maple Outdoors checked in with his guide disaster story. After hearing this I would definitely trust Richard to guide me in the wilds of Maine.. If you are in the Highlands of ME you should hire Richard, you can even book his lodge! https://twinmapleoutdoors.com/ I managed to get him out of the woods and on the phone. FISH IN THE NEWS I love Fish IN the News http://www.startribune.com/hudson-wis-entrepreneur-makes-slick-pitch-on-shark-tank/402770536/ Hudson, Wis., entrepreneur wows 'Shark Tank' Vance Zahorski, an avid fisherman, nets $120,000 investment on show. He entered the infamous “Shark Tank” seeking a $120,000 return for 20 percent of his company, but gave up 33 percent to seal the deal. While other Sharks showed interest in the company, Daymond John, the multimillionaire behind FUBU, was the only one to make a formal offer after seeing the device, marketed as the “ultimate fishing essential” on the company’s website. The exposure is a huge victory for the start-up that Zahorski founded on a whim in 2013. He quit his six-figure salary sales job at an appliance company in Arizona, sold his prized fishing boat and the dream home he helped build with his bare hands, then moved back to his hometown in western Wisconsin with his wife and two young daughters. A prototype made of welding putty and a dental floss cutter would explode into a booming business. Less than two years after launching, the rings now sell in hundreds of independent bait and tackle shops in eight different countries. When Zahorski realized the rings also cut thread and yarn, the products were stocked in quilting stores. It retails for $12. There will be even more to be thankful for this year. I caught up with Vance over skype after the show aired... Captain Shawn Tibbetts is back with his segment Vets in the News, the Fish Nerds want to pay tribute to vets who have protected our free speech and allowed us to grow into this Fish Nerd Media Empire. So that is it. you have listen to a few of Fish Nerds when you could have been fishing, We’d like to thank our families for supporting us while we podcast, go on fishing Quests and do all sorts of silly things that nerds do. If you would like to support Fish Nerds you can go to Patreon.com and search for Fish Nerds and help us crowd fund this podcast! Special thanks to Tim Moore www.timmooreoutdoors.com Captain Shawn Tibbetts www.mainetunafishing.com Richard Yvonee, www.twinmapleoutdoors.com Vance Zahorski from Line Cutterz.com : And until next time, follow the code of the Fish Nerd: Spawn early and often; Avoid free lunches with strings attached; swim against the current every chance you get. If you want to book me to guide you on the ice this winter, head to www.fishnerds.com In a couple of weeks we will release the next part of the guide series, the Business of guiding

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