Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pan Fried Longnose Dace....

We did it!
We ate another minnow without any ill side effects, in fact as always we were shocked at how yummy minnows are...

 As fans know we caught this longnose dace in a little brook in Rochester and as our quest rules dictate we had to eat it. This is perhaps the easiest way to cook a small fish.
Gut the fish and leave the head on. Rinse it off. Now the hard part is done. Heat a skillet and melt a lot of butter in it.

Yeah we forgot a spatula so we used our hemostats to turn the fish

Once the butter is all melty and hot, drop the fish in. Now season it with salt and pepper. Cook until it's crispy looking and serve hot. Fast easy and delicious.

 We always eat the whole minnow, head and all. So flip a coin with your friend if they get the head, then they get to eat the head! Dave had the luck of the coin on this day so he got the delicacy... haha

Happy Micro-Fish-Eating!

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