Sunday, July 8, 2012

Doin the Dace Dance with Fish Number 41 the Longnose Dace!

Using some insider information we got a lead on the Longnose Dace in a tiny brook in Rochester.

There was a little bridge with some very slow water under it, we thought there was no way a dace would live in that warm slow spot, so we hiked downstream a hundred feet and saw some faster water.

 The biggest problem (we thought) was it was only 2-3 inches deep. Would a fish live in such shallow water?

We tied on a little hook, number 20 for those who like to know that sort of thing and floated a worm downstream under a bobber.

The bobber bounced a little funny next to a little 3inch riffle, so we took the bobber off and lowered the worm to that spot.

And we saw dozens of 2 inch fish attacking it like a school of sharks.

So we kept at it, fish after fish would attack the worm, but the hook was too big. A few minutes later a trophy size fish came in and gobbled the worm. (a tiny fly would have been great here)

We set the hook and lifted him out of the water. Success longnose dace!
Doing the dace dance!

We were more excited about this fish than any other in recent history! We high fived, did a little dance, took pictures and then put the fish on ice..
Check back later to see how we cooked and ate this fish!

As the euphoria wore off we set our sites on our next fish, stay tuned.....

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