Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holy Carp! Fish Number 39!

We've finally done it!

Carp is a fish that we've been chasing for more than a year, quest fans will recall that last summer we went fishing with NH Chronicle for Carp, ended up with a couple of bluegills.

Then in the fall we went bow-fishing for carp with Amy Quinton from NH Public Radio... We mostly just shot arrows into the Merrimack and giggled... NO CARP

Click here to listen to our adventure on NHPR

Then in desperation we buddied up with carp expert Nick Pacelli from Southern New England Outdoor and Nature Site (blog) Nick taught us all about carp gear, method and Todd Donovan from NH Trout Undiscovered for a December carp adventure... and once again nothing but cold and lots of laughing! But on a positive note we got to canoe up a freezing cold Merrimack River to the coal burning power plant!
We're not the most fashionable bunch of anglers!

We headed out again in January with Uncle Ronnie and were stiffed again...
this time it's personal.

We had two hours of free time this Wednesday and happened to be in Manchester near the airport. So we stopped into 7-11 bought a loaf of Wonderbread and headed to our super secret carp spot.

As we approached the river we could see the carp rolling and splashing. Our hopes were high!
The Bait!

We took a slice of bread, drizzled some vanilla extract onto the bread and squished it around a small hook.
Then we cast it out into the carp zone.

After about 40 minutes the line started to move, Clay set the hook and it was game on!

Clay was fishing with 8lb test and the carp made a few epic runs. After about 5 minutes of fighting and running Clay had the fish at his feet. It was the biggest freshwater fish he had ever landed.

Should have brought a bigger cooler!

It's scales were bigger than quarters and the fish easily weighed 15lbs! Not too shabby.

After a few pictures we filleted the fish and packed the meat on ice... stay tuned for a recipe.

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