Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Hex is On

Ran into this beauty at the train station in Exeter, NH last night and again this morning. I believe it is Hexegina limbata.  From head to tail it was well over 3 inches. This is what a Fish and Game biologist had to say about them last year at this time.

"Beginning about four weeks ago, a large cream-colored mayfly began arriving on waterbodies in Northern New Hampshire. They belong to the genus Hexagenia and are some of the largest mayflies in the world. Referred to as a “Hex-hatch”, these mayflies serve as a dinner-bell for hungry fish. Almost every type of fish will rise for these flies and they are an important food in both their adult (terrestrial) and nymph or emerger (aquatic) stages. Both cold and warmwater fishermen can be seen casting these imitations. Watching a fish rise for a surface strike is as good as fishing gets for me." – Andy Schafermeyer, Regional Fisheries Biologist from

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