Thursday, May 31, 2012

Herring Therapy.....Fish Number 37!

Herring Therapy

The herring are running in Exeter, NH! We love this time of year when the alewives return from the sea to visit the town.  There are two species of migratory herring in New Hampshire: alewife and bluebacked herring.  In Exeter the run is primarily alewife. Honestly we can't tell the difference, but we have faith in the odds and are going to claim that we caught an alewife.  Collectively they are called river herring.

It has been a long time since we added a fish to our list.  The last time was in February when Clay caught a northern pike through the ice in Hanover, NH.  

The alewife is fish number 37 in The Quest

Counting the alewife in our freshwater effort is only slightly cheating.  We caught it near the head of tide in the Squamscott River, just before it turns into the Exeter River. At that point the water is essentially fresh.  The fish was on her way upstream to lay her eggs on freshwater plants and rocks.  Also herring are stocked in Bow Lake in New Hampshire, far from the ocean.  These freshwater examples in the Granite State is good enough for us to count it. 

The alewife is the official mascot of Exeter, NH.   Appearing in the town seal.

It was a female. Has anyone heard of eating herring roe?  Probably not much different than  shad roe. 
Herring were easy to see in the shallows

There were plenty of other anglers there, like this Herring Gull

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