Monday, June 6, 2011

What's that your listening to? Listen closely and Dance with fish #18 Rock Bass!

After failing to score our target fish on the Connecticut River we decided to cut our losses and go for something easy.

 Rock Bass, fish number 18! We chose to catch these off the docks in center harbor, the technique is really simple.

 Bounce a jig tipped with worm along the rocks, and constantly set the hook. Eventually there will be a fish on, we were fortunate that we were able to sight fish for these bass. We could barely feel the strike, but once they were on we had a good fight on our hands.
Dave calls these "goggle eyes"

For us the real fun of these fish is the shear volume of fish to be caught, once you find them, you could catch dozens in a very short time.

On a side note, this fish was one of the best we've eaten so far. We filleted the fish, dipped the fillets in egg and rolled them in flour and fried them. Outstanding!

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