Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Trout the broke Clay's Ankle, fish number 22 Brook Trout

We headed out to Lowerfalls in Albany on the Swift River in search of what is arguably one of the prettiest and most sought after fish in the state, the Brook Trout. Clay knew a good spot and while rock hopping to the falls he severely sprained his ankle and broke his fishing pole.
Clay's ankle

Trip ended at the hospital. They told him the ankle is broken, the second opinion said it was sprained. So no fish.

A week later our friend Nick, a blogger we met through our blog, joined us on our quest. His blog is terrific, he lives in MA and writes a blog called Southern NE Outdoor and Nature Site please take some time to read his blog. He is an avid angler and an all around great guy.

He came to NH for a few days of fishing and was excited to become part of this epic angling quest. So we were happy to have him join us.
Our first stop was Lower Falls, Clay was still having trouble walking but was determined to catch the trout that nearly broke his ankle.
Nick fly fishing the pool below the falls

We fished like maniacs, throwing all kinds of lures, fly fishing and even using worms, but we saw no sign of fish. We bumped into a guy who caught and kept 10 fish the day before, maybe they were all fished out.
Nick comes back empty handed

We headed up to fish Falls Pond a trout pond a few miles upstream. Once again we tried fly fishing, float bubbles, all kinds of lures but the fish weren't biting. Finally Clay decided to use powerbait, not the usual go to technique, but we were on a mission. Within a minute of throwing the line out we had our brookie.

Falls Pond

Nick still hadn't caught a fish, since we were his host, we had to get him on fish, we took him to Pequawket pond a sure thing, but nothing. Clay caught a nice bass, but Nick was still skunked. We decided to call it quits.

As nick was pulling away Clay had an idea and flagged him down. There is a tiny construction pond in Clay's neighborhood that is full of little fish, so we went minnow fishing. Nick was all in.

Within a couple of seconds of minnow fishing we noticed that this tiny pond was full of brook trout! Tiny wild brookies, we easily caught 20 brookies and a bunch of golden shiners in under 40 minutes.

Nick was very happy with his catch of the day
We had a great time and Nick got to go home with a new story and some new friends, we hope to fish with Nick again.

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