Friday, February 11, 2011

We will not be defeated!

The sting of defeat the other night really got us down, but last night I headed out on my first solo excursion of this quest to fish for these elusive fish. I needed redemption and we needed to knock some fish off of this list so we can move on with our adventure.

I set five "set lines" out last night in Center Harbor on Lake Winnipesaukee. A set line is a stick with enough line on it to reach the bottom of the lake, attached to a heavy sinker with a hook and bait no more than six inches from the sinker. The regulations require the bait to be on the bottom for cusk lines. The set lines were left out overnight. There were a couple of guys on the ice crazier than Dave and I, they were camping on the ice and kept an eye on my lines for me.

So this morning on my way to work I went out and chipped out the lines and to my delight, SUCCESS! I caught three cusk and released one, so two for the table. Sunday Dave and I will cook these up so stay tuned for a recipe and some more fun.


  1. Congrats, one down, lots to go! Should be a fun year, great idea.

  2. those are some ugly fish, no wonder they are so shy