Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Life Death Taxonomy and Living in a Van Down by the River EP 194

Carlos joins us from the Life Death Taxonomy Podcast, we dig in deep on the Lion Fish. We bumped into a guy who lives in a van and had to chat with him about life in van. Our friend the Crappie Hippie called in with a Stump the Fish Nerds 607-378-3474 (FISH) and left us a great question about Hybrid Sunfish.. AND of course we do the news, and the news is crazy.. people are having sex with clams! You heard it here first.  Enjoy the show Please support our Sponsor Thirst Productions To help us crowd fund this show head to Patreon and give us a little money  Thanks to SNL for the use of their youtube clip from Chris Farley NEWS LINKS

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