Monday, March 13, 2017

Fish Nerds 146 Homeless Fish Marketing the Guide Service and My Friend Nick

WE HAVE A SPONSOR - Promo Code FISHNERDS to save $5 off your first box Ice Fishing Business update How I marketed the fish nerds guide service -Podcast -Newspaper Ads -Chamber of Commerce -Social Media -Marketing - Christian Mower and Tony Zore of Magic 104 came ice fishing and produced this story -Conway Sun did a six page story including a cover story! Some things I’ve learned... -Don’t take cash at the boat launch -Clients Do not understand what waterproof boots are -Always feed clients -Guides are territorial -Guiding is expensive FN Book Club - Founding Fish, after reading it call 607-378-FISH to start a conversation - We are recording the episode on April 10! Fish in the News!

Check out this episode!

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