Monday, November 7, 2016

Fish Nerds Podcast 128 Cantrell, Tom

This week Ben Cantrell From sits in the co-host seat. Ben tells stories about microfishing and nearly getting killed by a catfish. Clay follows up with Joseph Zyldweski a research biologist with the Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit of the United States Geological Survey. Finally and answer to the question, what happens to invasive species when a dam is removed? The FN West checks in with an interview with Fish Nerd Joe Tomelleri this past week ( with part 1 of a two part nerd story. This first convo is about fish art. And in the news we learn about 2 headed sharks, trump lips and Hillary Gifilte fish. Joseph Zydlewski 2 headed sharks Clinton Gifilte Fish Trump Puffer Fish

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