Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nice to see some old friends

Thanks to a week of bitterly cold temps, we were able to get out on ice this weekend and it felt good.  About 6 inches of good ice was set on a familiar pond that we know holds panfish galore. The trick is finding the channel that runs through the center. Even though we have been fishing this spot for years, it is still tough finding the deepest spots.  We drilled about a dozen holes before we found water over 10 feet deep.  Our Marcum Showdown sonar unit showed life was stirring near the bottom.  A jig, waxworm, and a prayer went down the hole.  On the digital screen we saw the jig make a steady decent. As it neared the bottom a fish rose to greet the morsel from above. Thump.  Fish On.  It was a small black crappie whose great, great, great, grandparents were probably stocked in this pond no more than 15 or 20 years ago. He was small but spunky.  A friend we have not seen in many months and a welcomed catch on the first ice of 2013.  We caught about 10 more fish, a mix of small crappie and bluegill.   

This pretty black crappie was kind enough to say hello.   Nice to catch fish.  
The Marcum Showdown is a great sonar unit that has excellent sensitivity.  We saw this small bluegill rise from the bottom to take this small jig. 
We would have like to have caught a few of the monster crappies that we know live in the pond, but playing with their kids was fun too. 

Reports from Suds-n-Soda bait shop indicate that people are fishing for smelt on Great Bay. Hopefully we will get another cold snap that will make the tributaries safe. If all goes well, we hope to post a successful smelt fishing trip soon.  

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