Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The luck of the Irish was with us as we caught fish number 36! Northern Pike

We finally can cross this fish off the list, we made a second trip out on the Connecticut River on St Patrick's Day with Chris Call the mighty Pike Slayer.

We had a nice blue bird day and My kids (Sammy and Zoe) joined me on 18inches of ice with air temps nearing 60.

As we arrived on the ice we saw Chris catching this Northern Pike. He has a great method for landing these beasts.

Before I tell you that let's talk pike gear. Chris uses three feet of 20# fluorocarbon line attached to a 7/0 hook. The threads a flasher along the line and ties that to a barrel swivel on his tip ups.
He recommends baiting the hook with a huge golden shiner hooked directly behind the dorsal. Traps are set with the bait just below the ice.

When the fish strikes be patient. Let the fish run, when it's making it's second run and the spool is threading out give the fish a couple quick hook sets and slowly work the fish towards the hole, never leaving slack in the line.

When the fish gets to the hole get the head out and grab the fish behind the gills and fight it onto the ice.

 check back for a Pike Jerky recipe.

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