Monday, September 12, 2011

Every story needs a hook, we got ours with fish number 33 the walleye!

We headed out to Beautiful Hanover NH in search of Walleye and Pike on the Connecticut River.

Our friends and new site sponsor, the Chieftain Motor Inn, hooked us up with some great rooms and a little motor boat. If you are in the Hanover area and looking for a great place to stay with your family give them a call and tell the Catch-m-all sent you!

We spent a good deal of the morning fishing on the beautiful sculling dock with Clay's kids before heading out.

We motored upstream a little ways and tried to fish the backwater for pike, but less than five casts in, Sue our guest angler and Clay's mother-in-law, caught herself. So most of the day was spend in the emergency room.
Uh Oh!
That's in deep!

Clay let his mother-in-law get hurt he's taking getting to the ER very seriously!

Four hours later we geared down and fished for walleye. The technique was super simple, a tiny white jig with half a crawler was sank to the bottom while the boat drifted downstream.
She's no quitter

Clay caught his mussel

Sue is taking no prisoners and her finger is not keeping her down

In a very short time, Sue got her fish and we deputized her into the quest. Welcome to the quest and stay tuned for tips on filleting this fish!

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  1. The catch transcended the pain!

  2. If you fish enough, everyone does it sooner or later! Glad to see you got back out on the water in time to still catch something!

  3. i'd like to spend time like you did